Park Meadows Pilates’ Testimonials

Hear what our Satisfied Guests have to Say!

I had an MRI done last week, then earlier this week, my neurosurgeon reviewed the MRI. This was a one-year follow up on the MRI that discovered the bulging disk pressing on my spinal cord. A year ago, the doctor was emphatic that I needed surgery, but he humored me in prescribing PT, first with another PT organization, then with Park Meadows Pilates.
The first six months were a bit discouraging as the symptoms did not seem to respond to the PT and Pilates exercises. (I’m sure I’d have seen better results with more consistent practice.) However, about 4 months ago, I noticed that I had not experienced any of the tingling down my arms that led me to seek medical help. Monday, the doc read my MRI and declared that everything is much improved. The disk bulge has retreated, and everything in the neck is improving. He said to ‘resume living your life’, even advised that I was cleared to go skiing!

Thank you Andi for your excellent lead work in my recovery — others contributed, but I consider your treatment key to my recovery. Lindy, thank you for providing an excellent treatment and exercise facility. If not for PMP, I’d be recovering from surgery and looking forward to living the rest of my life with my neck in a titanium cage. Jeff Lacher

My balance has improved 150% thanks to the qualified instructor that I have had and the individual attention that I receive in each and every class I take. Learning proper alignment of the body has done wonders for this 66 year old ‘spring chicken’. I have also received great reports on my bone density tests which I attribute to the overall strength I have gained throughout my body while doing Pilates. Pilates is an activity I know I will be doing the rest of my life. Fern Oliner

The perks of Pilates are amazing. Pilates gives me additional years to my life as an active person – not some old lady that can’t even get up without holding onto the chair. It gives me strength to walk the 10-K Boulder Boulder Race and to even enjoy a day at the Denver Botanic Gardens with all of the endurance it takes to walk the five miles around the gorgeous gardens. I am blessed to be able to share these thoughts with you and perhaps encourage others to persevere with their own exercise program at PMP, it truly does change your life – I love it! Janet Wagner

I was initially introduced to Pilates after having hip surgery over 3 years ago as part of my rehabilitation. It was a different form of exercise that I had never experienced but really enjoyed. My PT at that time referred me to Lindy Royer at PMP where I’ve continued to do Pilates since, twice a week. I feel the results have been tremendous in conditioning and strengthening my body, especially my core. I’ve always been very active exercising and play golf and tennis. I’ve found Pilates has not only benefited me in these sports but in my every day activity. Since starting Pilates I’ve taken up cycling and recently completed a 400 mile trek in Spain! Dan Green

Prior to coming to PMP, I had very bad Sacro-iliac joint pain after giving birth to my second child. I wasn’t looking for a quick fix. I wanted to find out what was causing my pain and why, and most importantly, how to prevent it. After coming to PMP, I feel like a different person. This is not only because my body feels better head to toe, but because I know why it feels better. I credit PMP and Pilates for helping change my life forever! Jennifer Swiecki

I have taken all the Mat and Movement Principals, Reformer teacher training, and Anatomy through Balanced Body at Park Meadows Pilates and Physical Therapy. I have gained not only knowledge for my own benefit, but to ultimately share that training with others. The courses are designed so that anyone can take them and make great use of the weekend. Having Physical Therapists and highly trained Pilates teachers as instructors made me so confident that I was getting great training. I would highly recommend Park Meadows Pilates and Physical Therapy not only for everyday practice, but for teacher training as well. Stacie Watkins

Over the past number of years, pain and fatigue related to Fibromyalgia have lead me to a variety of lifestyle and fitness practices. I started attending classes at Park Meadows Pilates in September 2011, with the primary goals of healing a painful ankle injury and gaining more core strength. During the past number of months, my work with the many talented instructors and therapists at Park Meadows Pilates has guided me both to greater body literacy and improved health. By attending regular classes, my body is re-learning how to move as it was designed to move. As a result, I feel better, stronger and more in tune with my body. I am pleased to offer my hearty endorsement of Park Meadows Pilates programs, instructors, and physical therapists. Jo Davidson

First, PMP has some of the best Physical Therapists you will find out there. All are highly trained professionals and most have their Doctorate’s in Physical Therapy. PMP also has some of the most highly trained Pilates Instructors, if they are not Physical Therapists, they have gone through rigorous training and are very knowledgeable.
Pilates is not just about exercising, it’s about improving your overall quality of life and at PMP that’s what they strive for. PMP provides a safe and friendly environment that will meet anyone’s needs. PMP has such small group classes which means each client gets lots of attention, one of the best things about PMP!
And if that’s not enough, PMP continues to provide their clients with the latest cutting-edge training and now offers new classes, including CoreAlign and Balanced Body Barre classes. Katie

A huge thanks to all of you for who you are and what you do. Your vision and place are transformational. I am so grateful for saying yes to this immersion process. My life has opened up to a whole new way of being. Deep gratitude to all of you (front desk too). Lorie, you are a real visionary and I thank you deeply for suggesting I try this. Connie Wiggins

I’ve been coming to PMP for about 3 ½ years. Previously I did Pilate’s at another studio that didn’t understand the body awareness like PMP. The focus here is on the client’s well-being. The instructors here are very educated and highly trained in body movement and ‘will’ get you better or meet your goals. Everyone is very personable and they make you feel very safe doing any of the programs.
I’ve had lots of injuries that I feel are now manageable with receiving Physical Therapy and Pilate’s at PMP. At the beginning of each class, the instructors always ask what’s going on with our bodies so they can make the appropriate modifications if needed. The classes have taught me how to incorporate Pilate’s principals in everyday life and other activities I participate in. Every class has some form of education that is so valuable I always leave class feeling more educated about Pilate’s and movement. Every week I seem to be getting stronger, more aware of my body and am loving the changes. Joanne S.

2007 has been a fantastic year in large part because I found Park Meadows Pilates and Kriste Brushaber! I came to PMP in March of 07 after finishing a 20 session series of physical therapy for low back pain and left sciatica. My therapist suggested continuing pilates to strengthen my core and back. The first day I walked into the PMP studio I had no idea how Kriste was about to change my life.

I have always been active and exercised but had spent the last 10 or so years in school and training and somehow lost site of my back and core strength. Prior to coming to PMP, I had repeatedly tried to start weight lifting or running again but always seemed to end up with an injury. In my first 5 sessions with Kriste I came to understand how interdependent all of my muscles and joints were and that my back problems were just a symptom of many other underlying weaknesses. Not only has Kriste been a tremendous Pilates instructor but she has also been a ‘body educator’ as she continues to teach me about my musculoskeleton and how to properly use it. I am now certain that I have joints that I have never used correctly, not even as a child.

From my first 5 sessions, I continued with both private sessions and group classes. After about 2 months I started discovering muscles that I never knew I had. This continues on almost a weekly basis now where I find myself waking up and realizing that I have ‘grown’ a new back muscle, shoulder muscle and even oddly enough foot muscles! For the first time I feel balanced when I stand and walk. I find myself ‘wheeling’ through my hips instead of swinging from my waist to walk and most importantly, I have NO back pain! I am an avid horseback rider and am amazed at how much pilates translates into the saddle. For 5 years I have been convinced that my horse doesn’t turn well to the left because of his back problems and have been accusing him of being crooked. Well it turns out that I’m the crooked one as I can’t turn left properly! Kriste has been fantastic in helping me with my riding position and has even come to watch me on him so that she can better design my workout. I think my horse is now Kriste’s biggest fan!

In short, the journey that I am on with Kriste and PMP has been nothing short of life-changing and worth every dime spent. It’s my time to relax and stretch, strengthen my muscles and learn how to finally use my body properly. This life and this body are a gift which I have truly re-discovered this year. Pilates will be my lifelong exercise that hopefully will keep me skiing, riding, golfing, hiking (you name it!) well into my old age.