Pilates and Movement

Pilates is Not Just an Exercise

Pilates is not just an exercise. When taught correctly and practiced faithfully, you can expect amazing benefits. First, you’ll look and feel better within just a few weeks. You’ll have better posture, balance, core strength, energy… and you’ll feel younger than you have in years.

With Pilates, you’ll notice a significant increase in strength and flexibility, particularly of the abdomen and back muscles. Since deep healthy breathing is a key component you will also increase lung capacity and circulation. Ultimately, you’ll understand how your body is designed to move and function optimally. You will think more clearly and move more freely, while resisting injury and disease.




Pilates is appropriate for every body, no matter what shape you’re in, and is excellent for physical rehabilitation patients. Pilates is part of a life-long commitment to a healthy lifestyle. We’ve had students as young as 8, and as old as 88. You can experience the benefits of Pilates if you have MS, are in a wheelchair… and you’ll be challenged and amazed at what you can gain if you’re an elite or professional athlete too.

Developed by Joseph H. Pilates inthe early 1900’s his early work was a set of mat exercises named “Contrology.” Joseph later developed curious looking apparatus to assist and enhance the teaching of his movement concepts. Thousands of physical therapists, medical doctors, sports and general fitness trainers and many other health practitioners are using Pilates to help people regain strength and function.

You’ll be training on the finest Pilates equipment available, made by the world leader, Balanced BodyTM and you’ll be working with the most highly skilled practitioners, who’ve not only met, but exceeded industry standards.

Class Descriptions
Private Pilates Instruction

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Multiple Movement Options

We offer several movement options to choose from. You might have come to us for your fitness needs or for physical therapy, but there’s a crossover between the two, because you need to keep moving through your entire life not just when you’re injured or in an exercise class.  Here are a few ways you can engage with us:

Pilates Equipment Classes – Reformer, Trap Table, Ladder Barrel, Spine Corrector, Pilates Chair, Orbits, Balls, Bands, Barre, Foam Rollers and more.  Sign Up Here

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Core AlignWatch a Video

MOTR (More Than A Roller) – Watch a Video

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Myofascial Release Therapy – More Info Here

Teacher TrainingBecome a Teacher


A Word of Caution

Pilates is not regulated…there’s a wide variety of teacher training. Experience the Park Meadows Pilates & PT difference–all of our practitioners have undergone a rigorous, costly, and time-consuming comprehensive teacher training process to gain certification to teach The Pilates Method. We each have a minimum of 450 hours of course work and training, followed by written and practical testing procedures. Additionally we have thousands of hours of continuing education under our belts…because we’re complete geeks about Pilates and movement education!

Compare this with your local gym, where most “Pilates teachers” have taken only a few hours of training in Pilates, and their primary focus is usually in another discipline like personal training or group fitness. For more on what it means to be a Certified Pilates Instructor, please visit our FAQ page by clicking here. Or click here to visit the Pilates Method Alliance website.