Pilates Instructor Training FAQs

How much does the Balanced Body Pilates instructor training program cost?

Since each of our Balanced Body Pilates instructor training modules is purchased separately, the cost of your training will depend upon if you want to be trained as a Mat, Reformer, or Comprehensively trained Pilates instructor. Additionally, it is important to consider that all programs require a certain amount of hours spent as personal hours. While these hours can be individual practice time, it is recommended that you complete as many personal hours as you can with a PMA certified instructor.

What are the requirements to begin the Balanced Body Pilates teacher training?

While there are no specific requirements to start the Balanced Body Pilates teacher training program, in order to complete either the Mat, Reformer or Comprehensive instructor training programs you must have:

  • Anatomy – while a strong understanding of Anatomy is recommended before taking any of the Pilates instructor training modules, it is not required. However, in order to take the final exam, students must have already taken anatomy at either the undergraduate or graduate level. If a student has not completed anatomy prior to starting the instructor training modules we offer an Introduction to Anatomy series and  an Anatomy in Three Dimensions course series.
  • Completion of all instructor training modules required including course work, written & practical tests
  • Completion of all personal session hours
  • Completion of all observation hours
  • Completion of all student teaching hours
  • Completion of the final exam

How long is the Pilates instructor training program?

Depending on what Pilates training program you decide to enroll (Mat, Reformer or Comprehensive), your program may take anywhere between three months all the way to 2+ years. For the Comprehensive program in which you will be trained on all aparatus for all levels, the program can be as fast as a year but it is recommended that students take 1-2 years for completion. Regardless of the program, being a Pilates instructor is a career which requires continual learning and development of teaching skills and us at Park Meadows Pilates in Denver feel that our training never really ends.

How do you become a certified Pilates instructor?

Since Pilates is an emerging professional field, there still is a lack of knowledge within the general public as to what constitutes a well-trained Pilates instructor who can create both safe and effective training programs for clients & patients. In order to meet the growing demand and assesment of Pilates instructors as professionals, the Pilates Method Alliance (PMA) has created the only third-party certification exam for Pilates instructors. Currently, the PMA Pilates certification exam is a voluntary process but it provides an assesment of predetermined standards for knowledge/skills/competencies independent of a specific course of study or any education/course/curriculum provider and continuing education is required to maintain the certification in good standing.

Our Balanced Body program, like those of other leaders in the Pilates industry, offers an assessment-based certification of completion, not a “Pilates Certification”, based on the recommendations of the PMA. For more information on what it means to be a trained Pilates instructor versus a PMA certified Pilates instructor please visit the PMA website by clicking here.

What if I never took anatomy in college?

You can still become a Pilates instructor! At Park Meadows Pilates, we offer an Anatomy module that fufills the Balanced Body requirements for completion of Reformer or Comprehensive Pilates instructor programs.  We also offer Anatomy in Three Dimensions, a course designed to help you “see” the body more clearly through the use of clay modeling. These courses are perfect if you’re new to anatomy, and also if you want to brush up on your anatomy knowledge and gain fresh insight into how anatomy relates to movement — a topic that might not have been emphasized in your original anatomy courses.

Do I need insurance as a Pilates teacher?

Yes. Professional Liability Insurance for both Pilates teacher training students and all trained Pilates instructors is available through the PMA and Lockton Affinity. Click here for more information.

What if I did a partial Pilates instructor training program elsewhere, can I finish my training with Balanced Body?

Yes. Balanced Body offers a bridge program option in which instructors from other training programs or who have significant relevant experience to complete the Balanced Body Pilates Comprehensive training program without having to complete all of the Balanced Body course modules. While not all who apply will be accepted for the bridge program, it is an option that is certainly worth looking into. For more details and information, please visit the Balanced Body website by clicking here.