The practice of Physical Therapy in the US has become a lot like a factory that builds widgets, except YOU are not a widget. You are unique. In a Physical Therapy factory, there’s just not enough time to get to know you, to find out what’s really important to you, to discover more about your history, and your hopes and dreams.

These are all significant contributing factors towards whether you are ultimately successful in recovering or optimizing your movement health.

Have you taken a plane trip recently? Have you noticed that airplane seats don’t seem to work for anyone? That’s because they’re designed for “everyone”.

Many PT programs these days, in order to save time and cut costs, are organized around protocols. Protocols are designed for “everyone” who has your condition or diagnosis, or who under went your surgical procedure.

Your movement patterns, alignment, health and history tell an individual story – a story no one else has. To optimize your movement, you deserve a customized program, not a protocol designed for “everyone”.

At Park Meadows Center for Movement, we believe your program should fit YOU, no matter whether you are an elite athlete, or someone who wants to be able to toil in the garden for a few hours without pain.

Conditions Addressed

Recovery from injury or surgery.

Pain conditions, including back, neck, hip, knee, ankle, foot, shoulder, elbow, or wrist pain.

Neurological conditions, including post stroke, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s Disease, and Spinal Cord Injury.

Prenatal and Postpartum, female pelvic health concerns including pain, incontinence, prolapse, painful intercourse.

High Performance for athletes of all levels.