Park Meadows Pilates Recommends The Following Resources and Wellness Practices

Pilates Method Alliance

The PMA is the professional association and certifying agency for Pilates teachers.  The PMA strives to to create a unified community, to share knowledge and information, and most importantly, to establish the practice of teaching Pilates as a profession. The PMA also provides the only third-party professional certification exam in the Pilates industry and hosts the annual PMA conference and Teacher Training Summits. Visit the Pilates Method Alliance here.

Balanced Body

From general information on Pilates to nationwide training schedules and continuing education courses, Balanced Body provides it all.  Balanced Body is also the world’s largest manufacturer of Pilates equipment ranging from classical to innovative contemporary designs. Visit Balanced Body here.

The Franklin Method

The Franklin Method teaches you the know-how to make the most out of the body/mind continuum in a practical and hands on manner. The Franklin Method addresses the mind through the use of imagery in all its applications and addresses the body by teaching you how it is designed to function. Check out The Franklin Method here.

Therapeutic Relief

Myofascial Release uses gently sustained pressure to soften, lengthen and reorganize your entire system. The effects are typically permanent, which is what sets it apart from regular massage treatments. You should notice less pain, increased range of motion, improved whole-body mobility, and feel more connected and comfortable in your own skin. Visit Therapeutic Relief here.

The Wellness Center

The Wellness Center, inside Whole Foods on Colorado Blvd., provides massage and wellness services that will dramatically change the way you feel. The Wellness Center is locally operated, and can help you with pain, stress and illness related issues. The practitioners at The Wellness Center are among the most highly skilled in Denver. Visit The Wellness Center here.

Patt Internal Medicine

Patt Internal Medicine is a membership-based medical practice dedicated to providing unsurpassed adult medical and preventative care in a compassionate, comprehensive and cost effective manner. Get personalized care and 24 hour direct access to Dr. Patt.  Visit Dr. Patt’s website here.