Getting Started with Pilates

Students and clients can begin with our Getting Started Package, which includes four private Pilates sessions and four group classes, plus 2 additional discounted private sessions.   In these sessions and group classes you’ll learn about:

*Your unique alignment and movement patterns and how they influence your ability to progress.

*Pilates fundamentals and how to set-up and use of the Pilates Reformer.

*Foundational principles of Pilates and whole-body movement—these principles help you better understand how your body is designed for optimal power,  flexibility and coordination. This sets us apart from other Pilates classes that only focus on the exercises and repertoire.  We focus on the Principles so that EVERYTHING you learn in Pilates can be used in every other part of your life.


Lindy showing client sacrum

“In our 13 years of business, we have observed that clients who build a solid Pilates foundation
are much more successful and satisfied with their results
than those who jump right into a class”.


Getting Started Sessions give you a deeper understanding and awareness of the body/mind connection, so your Pilates skills improve more effectively during classes.

The Getting Started Package is offered at a rate of $295 for all 8 visits ($145 discount from ala lcarte pricing). Plus you get 2 discounted private sessions if used within 4 months of purchasing your Getting Started Package.

** If you recently experienced an injury, surgery or medical condition, you may need to start with a few Physical Therapy appointments to address these issues before doing your Getting Started Package

If you are free of injury or issue for at least 6 months, you can start right now by purchasing and scheduling your first visit.  Just Click Here, – then select our Online Store tab and choose Service for a single visit or save $145 and select the Package tab for our Getting Started Package.

Contact us for more information at 303-649-2165.