Frequently Asked Questions

We get lots of questions from our students. In the sections below, we answer these, and some questions you never thought to ask! Some of the FAQ’s are answered through a video, while others are answered through text.

What happens after I Complete My Getting Started Package?
After you complete your 3 private Pilates sessions and 4 classes, you will able to attend classes that you were cleared to take during your Getting Started Sessions. Most clients begin with the Core Training Class. Sometimes it is recommended that you take a couple extra private sessions at a one-time reduced price for beginners. This is to ensure that you can organize your body safely and get the most from class sessions.
What Is Pilates?
How is Pilates different from yoga?
How Many Times Per Week Should I Take Classes?
Pilates is a wonderful body/mind system that allows you to work-out every day or as much as your body allows. Coming to class and practicing at home is an excellent combination to ensure long term strength, flexibility and vitality. That said, we find that once per week is not enough to maintain the changes you want to make in your body. Most successful clients find that 2-3 times per week is optimal. We offer package pricing and V.I.P. rates to help you be successful and stay within your budget.
How is Pilates at a studio different from Pilates at my gym?
How Often Should I Do Pilates?
How to Take Corealign Classes
CoreAlign improves strength, balance, posture and functional movement patterns. Exercises are designed to create harmony between controlled stability and dynamic mobility, resulting in a strong, healthy and vibrant body. It is important to become familiar with this apparatus prior to beginning a class. This makes it safe for you and you’ll have more fun in class, if you understand the basics. We offer two ways to get started on CoreAlign. You can take four (4) private sessions or five (5) duo sessions. You can sign up by contacting the front desk.
Can I Begin with Classes other than Core Training – Like Foundation?
Park Meadows Pilates and Physical Therapy has the highest regard for your safety and wellbeing. Our experience has shown us that when clients learn to self-organize in a methodical way, they are better prepared for more complex and integrated classes. Our passport system allows you to get “check off” by the instructor on specific competencies before you move to the next class. If you stay committed and consistent, you will soon have more class options available to you.
How Can I Avoid Wrist Pain With Plank Exercises?
Do you take Insurance?
We take Out-of-Network benefits only. You can check with your insurance company to see if they pay for Physical Therapy out of network or you can call us. We are happy to check benefits for you. We accept auto, medical, and worker’s comp claims, however we do not accept liens. Please speak with our staff to determine the best option for your situation.