A Revolutionary New Approach To Healthy Movement

What is CoreAlign®?

CoreAlign® challenges your body in a way different from any other exercise method. With the CoreAlign®, you can perform an infinite variety of exercises, very deep stretches and core-controlled aerobic training.

CoreAlign® also enables natural full-body exercises and can zoom in on independent limb training. It works by aligning your body to an optimal movement state and then reinforcing that correct movement.

Its unique design consists of a wall ladder to hold onto and two carts that move independently of one another in separate tracks. Resistance varies from light to heavy, and back to front. Developed by physical therapist Jonathan Hoffman, the easy-to-learn exercises on the CoreAlign® emphasize an upright posture and are designed to improve your posture, balance and functional movement.

To see Jonathan demonstrating the CoreAlign® in action, click here!

Special Offer: 60 Minute Introduction and Movement Screening

Call or email us below to get your 60 minute Introductory session and movement screening for only $35.  303-649-2165.

CoreAlign® combines movement and stability training that will enhance your athletic and everyday performance.

What will CoreAlign® do for your body?

This fabulous piece of core training equipment gives you a sexy, lean body while strengthening your posture, balance and functional movement – the kind of movement you actually engage in every day. Through the CoreAlign® movement concepts and the challenge of movement in the standing position, weak links and unhealthy movement quickly come to the surface. Certified instructors then use CoreAlign® to help you recognize, reorganize and retrain your body allowing it to “memorize” the new strong and healthy functional movement for daily life.

CoreAlign® combines movement and stability training that will enhance your athletic and everyday performance.  As a regular exercise regimen, it will give you a greater range of motion and strength, preparing you for real-life demands like carrying groceries, gardening, playing golf – even climbing a fourteener.

CoreAlign® exercises will boost your functional abilities, no matter what your level of fitness, by stimulating your core stability, coordination, strength and flexibility. You’ll feel the difference after just one session.

What can you expect when you start CoreAlign®classes?

Our CoreAlign® training program centers on progression. Your initial introduction starts with either 4 private sessions or 5 duo [two person] sessions before you progress to small group classes of 4 people in our CoreAlign® Foundation Classes. After mastering the skills in this class, you will continue with CoreAlign® Integration Classes.

CoreAlign® Pricing

Intro To CoreAlign®: Private Sessions $260 ($65 ea) Duo Sessions $200 ($40 each/person) Class Packages: 8 Class Package $240 ($30 per class) 3 month expiration 16 Class Package $450 ($28.12 per class)  4 month expiration 24 Class Package $630 ($26.25 per class)  5 month expiration {24-pack can be purchased in 2 payments}