Your Movewell For Life Screening

Why the Movewell For Life Screening?

You are unique and your movement program should be as unique as you are.  It should be based on a personal movement profile, rather than a generic “one size fits all” model. Your eye doctor doesn’t prescribe you “glasses”—your eye doctor prescribes glasses for YOU. You don’t go to the store and buy “clothes”—you buy a shirt, a dress, a pair of pants for YOU, and with a specific purpose in mind. Why should your movement life be any different?

In order to progress your movement capabilities, you need a wide variety of skills: good joint mobility; tissue readiness in the form of strength, integrity and adaptability; a coordinated nervous system; balance; and a host of other factors. Movement advancement is achieved by having all the “ingredients” necessary for the specific task. If you do not possess the key ingredients needed for a particular movement skill, you will not accomplish it—no matter how hard you try, and no matter how many repetitions you perform. In fact, repeating a movement without having the required fundamental ingredients often leads to injury.

That’s why it’s critical to get a movement check-up, to find out where you can specifically improve so you avoid injury or discomfort while safely building functional balance, strength, coordination and flexibility.  Physical Therapists and experienced fitness professionals are moving toward a screening process to assess overall mobility, balance, strength and coordination to assess the factors that put you at risk in your everyday activities.

Once we have identified your potential vulnerabilities, we can get to work on improving the specific factors that put you at risk for pain, injury and dysfunction. We can also determine which classes are best for you so you are optimally matched to classes that will help improve your movement, your function and your everyday and recreational activities.

Current research indicates that when we are too under-challenged or too over-challenged, we are not likely to make progress. To make consistent improvements, no matter the task, you need to work just a bit outside your comfort zone…but no too far out! When you are inconsistent and under-challenged, you ultimately regress, and when you are too over-challenged, you are susceptible to damage or injury. The Movewell Screening will help us determine the sweet spot for your movement training.