Balanced Body Barre™

A Powerful Fat-Burning Workout That Strengthens Posture

What is Balanced Body Barre™?

Balanced Body Barre™ is a high energy fusion of Barre exercises, sculpting and Pilates principles. Created by Zayna Gold, the founder of Boston Body Pilates, this class integrates stretching and precise isometric toning.

Filled with plenty of pliés and reléves, our Balanced Body Barre™ class is set to lively music and utilizes a horizontal or ballet barre to combine the best of the Lotte Berk method, ballet technique and Pilates movements.

Not all Barre programs are safe for everyone, but our Balanced Body Barre™ approach emphasizes safety, optimal alignment and body awareness while keeping the fun energy of a Barre workout.

Certified instructors pay close attention to form and detail within each move. This class is a great complement to your arms, waist, hips and Pilates routine.

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We’re the only Balanced Body® teacher training site in Colorado

What will Balanced Body Barre™ do for your body?

Paired with powerful core conditioning moves, Balanced Body Barre™ will give you a stronger, toned core and it will zero-in to sculpt and lift those problem areas: arms waist, hips, legs and buttocks.
You’ll discover increased joint rotation, agility and balance, while improving your posture. In the process, you’ll burn fat and create those long, lean muscles you’ve been dreaming of.

What can you expect when you start Balanced Body Barre™classes?

All levels are welcome to sign up and attend an open class – no previous class experience required. 1-hour class.

Balanced Body Barre™ Pricing

Purchase a group class series. This class is included in your package pricing. You can purchase from the Online Store. Select “Sign Up for Classes” button and then select “Online Store”.

Raving Fans

We’re the only Balanced Body®  teacher training site in Colorado. This means you are some of the fortunate few who get to partake in this elite and specialized Pilates teacher training right in your own backyard!

Read some of the great things our students are saying about the Balanced Body® program:

I have taken all the Mat and Movement Principals, Reformer teacher training, and Anatomy through Balanced Body at Park Meadows Pilates and Physical Therapy. I have gained not only knowledge for my own benefit, but to ultimately share that training with others. The courses are designed so that anyone can take them and make great use of the weekend. Having Physical Therapists and highly trained Pilates teachers as instructors made me so confident that I was getting great training. I would highly recommend Park Meadows Pilates and Physical Therapy not only for everyday practice, but for teacher training as well.

~ Stacie Watkins, Denver, Colorado


I’ve utilized PMP for all of my Balanced Body educational classes and have been more and more impressed with the staff and facility every time I attend. I work my schedule around being able to attend the courses I need when they are offered at PMP because I believe their facility is invaluable to my education as an instructor and I want to continue to network and learn from this incredible group of instructors. All of the members of PMP staff are extremely well-educated in not only Pilates repertoire but also functional movement patters, physical therapy and corrective exercise methods that make their training more than just book-work exercises. Every course I’ve attended at this facility has allowed me to walk away with additional insights into how to help my clients move and feel better and more intuitive ways to teaching and explaining Pilates and other movement principles. PMP is dedicated to expanding the knowledge and expertise of all of their students and I highly recommend this as the best facility for instructors to train at.

~ Amber Glus, Balanced Body University Pilates Student in Buena Vista, CO